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Business Funding | 15 million in Best Vendor Prizes | 10 million raffles prizes for shopping at the event | Networking | Artiste Performances | Foreign Investor Relations | 200,000+ customers

The Question is, WHY NOT?


Benefits for Vendors

  1. Best vendors stand a chance to enter into strategic business partnerships with international businesses in the same fields.
  2. Business Funding in the form of Equity, Debt and Grants.
  3. Possibility to win best vendor prize – 5 million grant and 5 million loan at 2% interest rate.
  4. Possibility to win randomly selected vendor prize – Expense paid trip to next business shopping event valued at up to 5 million.
  5. Global audience projected at over 600 million views/reach globally from combined channels – TV, Radio, Online media, Print Media etc.
  6. Possibility to sell out merchandize from coupons won by the spectators at trade fair.
  7. Live interview by international media.
  8. Celebrity meet and greet.
  9. Sponsorship to own a store at Tinapa.


Got an idea for the NEXT BIG THING? Shoot us an email, immediately after paying for a booth, at telling us about your Idea, Business or Service and why you think it is worth some extra attention.

The team will review requests received before March 31 and get in touch with shortlisted applicants to get more information. We will then design bespoke packages (at no extra cost) to publicize these ideas throughout AFRICA!!! before, during and after the CITF event.


We reserve the best stands for the early-birds.

RECOMMENDED: Stand prices listed below reflect basic provisions. Additional amenities are provided at an extra fee. Vendors are advised to contact admin to discuss extra features they would want added to their stands atleast 3 months before the event.

Know What Plan Suites You

This plan is suited for small to medium scale businesses that trade mainly on products rather than services. Some of these products include non perishable items and items that are easy to maintain under most conditions especially heat. Certain fashion items fit the description of this category of products.

This plan is suited for small to medium scale businesses that trade on certain products and services. Products here include perishable items and items that have strict preservation guidelines especially related to temperatures.

Services companies like software providers or other businesses who need a display to advertise are generally advised to adopt this option.

This plan is suited for corporate businesses with either a product or a service. Companies in this category include manufacturers of sizable electronics products, businesses/companies that trade automobiles, companies/businesses that trade items that cannot be displayed and other companies in the services sector.


N40,0007 days

Advisable For Small Scale Businesses
Mainly Outdoor Category
Deployment Assistance in Calabar
Size - 7sq.m
Value = 4,285/day
One walled Booth
Basic Lighting
One Chair
Telephone & Sim (intercom)
SME Plus

N60,0007 days

Advisable for Small Scale Business and Businesses in the Services Sector
Indoor Category for Select Products/Services
Deployment Assistance at Calabar
Proximity to Hotspots (Amenities/Services)
Size - 8sq.m
Value = 7,142/day
3 Walled Booth
Extra Lighting
Display Stand and 2 Chairs
Telephone and Sim (intercom)
Corporate Elite

300,0007 days

For Medium to Large Scale Businesses
Fully Indoor Category
Deployment Assistance at calabar
Proximity to Amenities
Partial Sponsorship Benefits
Size - 10sq.m
Value = 35,714/day
Fully Detached Booth with Branding
Elite Lighting
1 Display Stand & 2 Chairs
Receptionist Desk with Chair
Telephone and Sim (intercom)