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Our Vision

Executing an all encompassing trade fair designed to interface all players in the economic market; exhibitors, investors, manufacturers and consumers.


The Project

The Calabar International Trade Fair project is a consortium led by CLIQIT in partnership with the Cross River State Government of Nigeria to develop local content by establishing cross border synergies. The week long 10,000 vendor project, consisting 2,000 vendors from Nigeria, 3,000 from the rest of Africa and 5,000 from the rest of the world, aims to empower African entrepreneurs through bridging technological gaps, developing local business strategies, championing strategic investments and creating access to markets towards developing the African continent.

Our Objectives Summary.

Thriving Businesses – Increased Family Earnings – Socially Stable Communities – New Ideas – Economic Growth – Infrastructure – Reduced Mortality. Govt can then focus on ‘saving earth’ programs.


To execute the largest Trade and Networking and Investment event in Africa

Project Benefits

The project will

  1. Create up to 15,000 direct jobs each year.
  2. Train up to 5,000 new locals in the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria (for a start) in fields such as technology, agriculture, renewable energy, manufacturing, arts & craft through its skills acquisition programs in partnership with different state govts.
  3. Match African entrepreneurs with their counterparts in related sectors for investment and to enable them trade technologies/strategies for business growth throughout Africa.
  4. Invest in best vendors/entrepreneurs each year to encourage interest in entrepreneurship.

Multiplier Effect

Events of this magnitude are economic stimulants and our projections show that impact will be felt in areas such as jobs creation and IGR – 100,000 indirect jobs created and 5billion NGN in internally generated revenue.

Jobs will be created in the following sectors as a direct consequence of organizing the event(s)

  • Craftsmanship
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Real Estate

The following jobs will be created as a multiplier effect of organizing an event of such proportions

  • Hospitality
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • ICT


According to the AfDB, UNDP, UNECA and OECD, Africa’s over 200 million youths aged between 15 and 24 should encourage the continent to explore rapid growth initiatives in various sectors and not only in Agriculture. The continents youths account for about 60% of Africa’s unemployed and for a population that is projected to double by 2045, the lack of a corresponding ‘growth rate’ in employment, is catastophic.

We have identified that technology and access to markets will encourage more youths in Africa to venture into various sectors and this is where the Calabar International Trade Fair can play a major role. CITF has identified that one of the surest ways to catalyze trade/exports on the continent is to first share technologies and strategies for production and manufacturing then to create a network of markets for exports throughout entire value chains.

CITF promises to do 3 things

  1. Create a cross border network of experts who will help
  2. Catalyze production and manufacturing across various sectors (synergy) and
  3. Use that network to create access to markets for the gains from the production activity in 2 above (trade)

With a systematic approach like this, it is possible to engage the continents millennials in what could possibly be an exciting multi-sectoral overhaul where participation will be voluntary than situational. This is because, behaviorally, millennials are upwardly mobile, impatient and technologically advanced and would hardly settle for jobs that cannot be executed remotely – for the most part, require enormous waiting times and are perceived archaic.

CITF will be a good platform to initiate and sustain a multi-sectoral interaction where players in various sub sectors can network, synergize and trade. Organized yearly exhibitions where prizes can be won for ingenuity is a good way to spur millennial interest in various sectors and where big industry players will be readily available to invest their resources.

The initiative will also help to decentralize saturated hubs by creating opportunities in other regions.

Skill Acquisition Programme

The short skills courses will last approximately 30 days per course and programs will run every month of the year. The skills centre is expected to begin in the 2nd quarter of 2017 and we have set a projection to accommodate a maximum of 100 participants per session.

More information about the SAP with regards to the courses offered and their duration will be posted on this site as they become available.

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